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"Hombaker Automotive We Do It All!"

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Hombaker Automotive, in Streator, IL, is the area's premier auto repair shop serving LaSalle and McLean counties since 1986. We specialize in full service repairs and body work on cars and light duty trucks. For all your auto repair needs, contact Hombaker Automotive in Streator.

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LaSalle County, IL | McLean County, IL | Streator, IL | Pontiac, IL | Ottawa, IL | Bloomington, IL | Peru, IL | Normal, IL | Marseilles, IL | Seneca, IL | Chanahon, IL | Cornel, IL | Henry, IL | Ransom, IL | Dwight, IL | Grand Ridge, IL | Wenona, IL | Varna, IL | Odell, IL | Minonk, IL | Blackstone, IL | McNabb, IL | Lacon, IL | Peoria IL | Gridley, IL | Mendota, IL | LaSalle IL

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On 4/6/2024 Neil Hansen had this to say:
I'm thrilled to have been referred to Hombaker. I moved to Streator from Chicago's NW suburbs two years ago, and have dealt with a couple other local mechanics since then that did not impress me. A local friend who has lived in Streator most of his life referred me to Hombaker. They went through everything carefully. The story with my Chevy pick up is that I bought it used ten years ago, and every time I get it serviced, it would run great for a little while and then the same old problem of running rough would come back. No one had gotten rid of it completely in all this time, and I tried a few mechanics who all had different diagnoses or solutions. Well, the mechanic at Hombaker inspected it and decided that what had been missing was good old fashioned TLC and labor to get all the various parts and surfaces machined to be perfectly smoothed, deep cleaned to remove caked-on gunk, etc. He took things apart individually and did what needed to be done from the beginning; apply elbow grease. Just hearing him explain it demonstrated how much he cares about getting the job done RIGHT. We're running like a champ now. On top of that, they wouldn't promise ahead of time they'd have time to get it done before the weekend when I wanted it...but they pushed hard and finished late on a Friday just to accomodate me! Then, I said terrific, I'll ride my bike over now. The kind woman on the phone said, "but it's raining! I can't let you do that. I'll send a guy over to your house to come get you." Think that's all?! Nope! She offers me a free hoodie! Hahaha, I say. No one ever has my size: XXL. She had several in my size AND they had XXXL's, too! They got you covered! I could just tell from the vibe in their office that they all like working together and that's always a great sign of a good, fair business. They will be getting all my business now.

On 3/15/2024 Paul H. had this to say:
I've been to a lot of macanic shops and it hasn't been a good experience. But when I came here. The price they gave me was the same when I picked it up. Just wow! I strongly recommend this place! Plus the customer service was great. The lady in the office is great! Been here several times and its always been great!

On 3/13/2024 Michael Partlo had this to say:
I have used this auto repair place many times, always leave happy.

On 3/12/2024 Angelique Burgess had this to say:
Absolutely wonderful and honest auto repair shop.

On 3/2/2024 Angelique B. had this to say:
Absolutely wonderful repair shop. so knowledgeable and never try's selling you things you don't need. had both our 2016 4Runner and 2015 Grand Caravan in from simple tires to transmission. And we love the fact that they aren't one of those shops that simply want to replace parts just to try fixing a problem and get more money from you. They care and always look for what is causing the problem and fix it at the root. Thank you Hombaker Automotive.

Contact Us

Hombaker Automotive
103 S Sterling St Streator, IL 61364
Phone: (815) 673-2451

At the Corner of Main and Sterling. Across from the Fire Station

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Monday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday: By Appointment Only


On 11/2/2021 this was posted:
Hombaker Automotive wants to make sure your car is ready to hit the road this Winter!! Stop in today and we will do a free inspection to make sure your tires are ready for the snow!! We have used and new tires to choose from too so we will make sure your car is ready to handle any element this season!!
Expires 12/31/2021


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