rotarbrakeBrake – The brake rotor plays a very important role in stopping the vehicle. All the friction hydraulically created from the brake pads being applied to the contact surface of the brake rotor is what brings the rotor to a stop. Rotors often warp due to different driving conditions. When they are warped a pulsating feeling in the brake pedal will occur. Hombaker Automotive  has the newest equipment  to resurface the rotor to like new factory specifications, and to get your car on the road aqain while you wait.


mechanic wiringWiring – issues are one of the leading causes of vehicle break downs so stop into Hombaker Automotive for any problems you have.  We truly are experts in this area and have state of the art equipment to track down any problem you might have.


steering and suspension1HOMBAKER AUTOMOTIVE will fully check your steering and suspension components for wear or damage. Our ASE Master Techs are ready to service your vehicle. Come in today for your personalized under carraige checkover. We will explain and show you any concerns.


tire cupping_croppedCupping –  is unfortunately what can become of your tires when the struts and shocks go bad.  Your tires bounce across the highway like giant erasers wearing away the tread.  Let us help you protect the investment you have in your ride.